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Canadian Boreal - International Stock Dog Registry
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Canadian Boreal

Canadian Boreal

The Canadian Boreal Dog There are two distinct sizes in this breed. Large is between 20-24″ in between 40-75lbs (dimorphically, males are larger than females) and small between 15″-20″ and under 40lbs.

They have sickle tails, allowing for a slight twist (tail curled over back is not allowed), upright ears, wedge shaped faces with noses that are not blunt/thick. More of their weight is seen across their shoulders and into their neck, reducing weight impact on the hips. Colouring is a variance of sables-ranging from buff sable to dark sable, often with full face masks. Excessive white on the faces is allowed but not preferred. Blue, gold, brown eyes are permitted. No white/skewbald pattern allowed across the back. This breed is based on the phenotype closely resembling villager dogs seen in paintings and photos of Native Americans and Colonial Villagers in the 17th -19th century. The foundation for this “look” was found through a variety of type but mostly through the utilization of the Alaskan Husky. This phenotype closely resembles coyotes/wolves and owners are encouraged to use bright/reflective collars on their dogs. These dogs are known for their keen intelligence, biddable nature, and excellent recall. They are extremely empathetic to the needs of their pack (family). They are very kind natured, can be shy of strangers if not socialized as a younger dog, and very intelligent when it comes to problem-solving.

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